Monti Aurunci, ad Est del Passo di San Nicola_English

25 03 2011

In the early morning I leave the small village of Ceprano to visit the mountains of my region that i still don’t know. It’s the Redentore Mt. (1252 m above the sea level) and his outskirts. On my orevious post “Esplorazioni in Ciociaria” I drove to the Faggeto Mt. (1256 m ) and the area of Campodimele, next to the San Nicola Pass. Today I’m driving Easter, closer to the coast.

The  “Ceprano-Itri” mountain road is I place a know: narrow, panoramic with good drivable surface  its a road you can enjoy even with few h- power. My first break is at the “Santuario della madonna Civita” from which I can see the Gaeta Harbor

Keep driving, I enter the town of itri looking at his castle: is very easy to see this historical building if you are driving coming from North (like me) or if you come from the Appian Way (W).

I want to check the abandoned railroad  “Gaeta – Formia – Scauri – Sessa Superiore – Sparanise”. The railroad bridge is in good condition. I find a gravel road that brings me to the top.

Take some pictures, hopefully the ghost train is not coming right now….

I prefer not to drive on the bridge, some inhabitants might call the cops.

My destination is the Mt. Redentore but first I drive to the “Gianola Port”, a small harbor that was used in the Roman time located in the middle of  the “Riviera di Ulisse” (=Coast of Ulisse)

Ok, now let’s drive higher…

The dirty road is great, also the landscape

Autumn colors

The road ends in a single track path, here is not possible to get back

I go by feet to the top

1200 m above the sea level

Next visit is to the San Michele church, located few hundreds meters from the top (driving down).

To get back, I look for a passage to the city of Cassino. i find one but too dangerous if you drive alone. So I get back from the same road

Next time I’ll complete the ring





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