Monti Aurunci, ad Est del Passo di San Nicola_English

25 03 2011

In the early morning I leave the small village of Ceprano to visit the mountains of my region that i still don’t know. It’s the Redentore Mt. (1252 m above the sea level) and his outskirts. On my orevious post “Esplorazioni in Ciociaria” I drove to the Faggeto Mt. (1256 m ) and the area of Campodimele, next to the San Nicola Pass. Today I’m driving Easter, closer to the coast.

The  “Ceprano-Itri” mountain road is I place a know: narrow, panoramic with good drivable surface  its a road you can enjoy even with few h- power. My first break is at the “Santuario della madonna Civita” from which I can see the Gaeta Harbor

Keep driving, I enter the town of itri looking at his castle: is very easy to see this historical building if you are driving coming from North (like me) or if you come from the Appian Way (W).

I want to check the abandoned railroad  “Gaeta – Formia – Scauri – Sessa Superiore – Sparanise”. The railroad bridge is in good condition. I find a gravel road that brings me to the top.

Take some pictures, hopefully the ghost train is not coming right now….

I prefer not to drive on the bridge, some inhabitants might call the cops.

My destination is the Mt. Redentore but first I drive to the “Gianola Port”, a small harbor that was used in the Roman time located in the middle of  the “Riviera di Ulisse” (=Coast of Ulisse)

Ok, now let’s drive higher…

The dirty road is great, also the landscape

Autumn colors

The road ends in a single track path, here is not possible to get back

I go by feet to the top

1200 m above the sea level

Next visit is to the San Michele church, located few hundreds meters from the top (driving down).

To get back, I look for a passage to the city of Cassino. i find one but too dangerous if you drive alone. So I get back from the same road

Next time I’ll complete the ring

Castelluccio di Norcia_English

16 03 2011

A daily trip in the regions Lazio, Umbria and Marche.

I drive from  Calvi dell’ Umbria, the meeting with my buddies is at the “Terme di Cotilia” (Cotilia thermal baths) at 10 am. We want to make a ring driving through the “Via Salaria” until  “Forca Canapine”, then Castelluccio di Norcia, Visso and back through Valnerina and Flaminia.

It’s the end of June and the day is very warm, early in the morning my gear is unbearable. To get the town of Rieti I’ll drive on the “Valico di Fontecerro” (Fontecerro Pass), I drive slowly along the 25km between my house and the border with the region Lazio (picture below)

Passing the “Eremo di San Cataldo” (= hermitage of San Cataldo)

Passing the Fontecerro Pass

Once I’m at the Cotilia Baths I realize my buddies are not yet on site and I keep driving alone.

Keep driving @ Forca Canapine (Canapine Pass)

This is a great road! Too bad that my bike has not so much hp

I need a stop to piss and while I’m changing my water I hear some “noise”… Here we are, finally!

So we get the area of Castelluccio di Norcia, not actually together as my 40hp are not so much. But, once I got the Castelluccio’s Plans Ienjoy the landscape at no more than 70 km/h

Suddenly my chain broke down, I call my buddies but they are busy making the GP and when they realize that someone is missing they are about 40 km away.

They come back and I seat in the back of a bmw k1200, very confortable return trip!